Yo Assistants

Yo Assistants: your go-to for to-dos

On the other end of your Yohana app is your Yo Assistant – a real person ready to help with your never-ending list whenever you need it. And it’s only $5 a day.*

  • Expert Prioritizer

    Your Yo Assistant works with you to get your to-do list in order so they can tackle the important stuff first and deliver what you need, when you need it.

  • Super Powered

    With researchers and smart technology to back them up, assistants have plenty of support behind the scenes to make the magic happen.

  • Mind Reader

    With every project you delegate, your assistant learns more about your priorities and preferences so they can proactively predict what’s up next.

Projects we’re proud of

How Yo Assistants helped three real-life moms.

Father and daughter in the process of making dinner

To-do: research toddler-friendly dinner recipes

I was able to get very creative with this request! My member wanted some recipes she could cook with her two-year-old daughter. I found them some great options and they had a blast together in the kitchen.

Alexus, Yo Assistant

Close up of custom first birthday cake depicting a pilot in a red plane situated on top of a globe

To-do: plan a first birthday party with a custom cake

Helping to source cute, on-theme decorations and finding the perfect baker to make a custom fondant cake was so fun! I love planning memorable birthdays and my member was thrilled with the final results.

Vanessa, Yo Assistant

A sitting dog wearing a plaid bandana

To-do: find a local wood flooring pro

Thinking she had to replace her floors, my member requested a pro who could start right away. The one I found ended up saving her $15,000 and even brought treats for the dog – my member was so grateful.

Maggie, Yo Assistant


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