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So, are all moms this overloaded? Asking for a friend.

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Being a mom is awesome – there’s the joy of nurturing a growing mind, inspiring your kids’ imaginations, and seeing them thrive. But let’s be real, it’s also super-hard, relentless, and exhausting. There’s the calendar managing, meal planning, baby proofing, clothes shopping, household supply buying, playdate organizing, contractor scheduling, appointment making, birthday party planning, homework monitoring, paperwork pushing, tech supporting – it’s A LOT.

During the pandemic, 40% of mothers added three or more additional hours of caregiving a day to their schedule.



If you’re also working outside the home, as 35 million women are (SOURCE: CNBC), then you’re expected to be super-productive at home AND at work. But it’s impossible. Sure, there are helpful partners out there and younger generations are much more open-minded when it comes to breaking traditional gender roles and sharing the load. But, the division of labor is still far from equitable. Even in same-sex partnerships, the bulk of caregiving and homekeeping more often than not falls to one person. And the pandemic made everything harder.

  • 75%

    The number of women who felt their employer expected them to always be on



43% of women said they couldn’t give their all at work because they were struggling to balance work and parenting.



Society loves to describe moms as superheroes – but what kind of message is this really sending? Superheroes don’t ever get tired or hungry or crave five minutes to go to the bathroom by themselves without a kid following behind. Are moms strong enough to handle everything on their own? Absolutely. Should they be expected to? No way.

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Mothers were more than three times as likely to meet the majority of demands for housework and caregiving during the pandemic.



Not to mention that the mental load of all those to-dos takes its toll on well-being – big time

There are all kinds of apps and gadgets that say they can help moms live a more balanced life. They’re supposed to save you time and make things easier, but they inevitably become one more thing to manage, creating more stress and less balance. So, they don’t actually get to the underlying issue: moms need a second set of hands to help them move things off their list. An app can’t research playroom storage or sign your kids up for swim lessons or book you a much-needed date night. That requires a real person.

Tech that actually helps

Yohana connects you with a real person who can really get stuff done.

Finally, the relief busy moms have been craving

Our founder, Yoky Matsuoka, created Yohana to support busy families when life is at its messiest and most overwhelming. Our first offering – the Yohana Membership – is designed specifically for overloaded moms who are juggling way too much. It’s not just another grocery delivery app or pro search engine or to-do list template. It’s technology that takes care of you and it’s powered by human connection.

The difference lies with the Yo Assistant: a real live person you can delegate tasks to, like stuff for your kids, your home, your dog. Because the reality is that the list isn’t going away; there will always be more to do. But it can stop eating away at your well-being with a little behind-the-scenes support. And the best part? You’ll finally have the headspace to be more present for all your favorite people, including yourself.

This is why we made Yohana

I finally have some headspace from all the to-dos thanks to my assistant.

Leaving room for spontaneity is the ultimate luxury and Yohana has made it possible for me.

As a dad of 3 boys, I fully appreciate that a little help from Yohana can go a long way.

I never knew how badly I needed an extra set of hands until I had one!

My Yo Assistant helped me let go of the logistics and enjoy the moment more.

Lighten your load so you can focus on what lights you up