Our Inspiration - Yohana

Helping modern families find well-being in their wildly busy lives

Being a parent is awesome. There’s the joy of nurturing growing minds, inspiring your kids’ imaginations, and seeing them thrive at something they love. But let’s be real, it’s also super-hard and exhausting – even when things are going well. You’re struggling to make time, to be present, to be involved. There’s A LOT to juggle.

  • Half of all parents have reached their breaking point.

Our founder, Yoky Matsuoka (also a busy working mom of four), created Yohana to support families when things are at their messiest and most overwhelming. AKA everyday life for most parents. We support you in tackling that ever-growing list of stuff to do, so that you can create space and focus on what matters most to you and your family.

Two children stand over a mess of towels, toilet paper, and toys in a bathroomWoman with a laptop sits on a couch and writes on post-its next to frowning toddler
When we deny help or support, we’re saying no to so much more: our voice, our needs, and the chance to reset.
When we deny help or support, we’re saying no to so much more: our voice, our needs, and the chance to reset.

The Yohana Subscription connects you with real people who can really get things done

It’s not just another grocery delivery app or pro search engine or to-do list template. It’s a personalized subscription service that matches you with a team of specialists to move things off your plate and make your family goals a reality. Because when you find your flow, good things follow – like a sense of accomplishment, more quality time with the people you love, and better well-being in your everyday life. Check, check, check.

Real-life reviews from our own Yohana family

I finally have some headspace from all the to-dos thanks to my team.


Yohana Program Manager

I'm thankful for the human-centric, high-touch level of care I get from Yohana.


Yohana Marketing

As a dad of 3 boys, I fully appreciate that a little help from Yohana can go a long way.


Yohana Head of Product

I never knew how badly I needed an extra set of hands until I had one!


Yohana Performance Coach & Well-Being Consultant

Lighten your load so you can focus on what lights you up