Meet Yohana

We lighten your load so you have time for whatever lights you up.

Be super, not superhuman

Just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should. That’s why we made Yohana: the first-ever personal assistant service for busy parents.

Smiling personal assistant sits at her desk
Smiling personal assistant sits at her desk
Vanessa , Yo Assistant

Your go-to person

When you join Yohana, you’re matched with a Yo Assistant. A real person who partners with you to get things done – family stuff, kids’ stuff, pet stuff, anything. Think of them as a second set of hands, checking to-dos off your list.

The things Yo Assistants do best

There are some tasks only you can do, but that still leaves plenty of stuff for your assistant to handle. Here’s what they’re especially great at.

Small victories are a big deal

When you have less on your plate, you have more time to focus on the things that fill you up and bring you balance.

What moms are saying about Yohana

Yohana allowed me to spend more time helping my son on his science fair project – he won 1st place!

I never could have anticipated how quickly my assistant became essential!

As a mom, full-time manager, and MBA student, I have a lot on my plate. Yohana’s an amazing partner.

No more excuses for not completing projects. All I have to do is list them and ask my Yo Assistant to do it.

* Being a mom is awesome. It’s also a lot of work, which is why we compensated the moms above for taking the time to share their stories with us.

Maybe it’s time for an extra set of hands because yours are pretty full

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