Acceptable Use Policy - Yohana


Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: November 9, 2023

Yohana is here to help you and your family, but there are certain types of tasks that we cannot do. In some cases, this is for legal and regulatory reasons, and in other cases simply because we have policies against them. The list below is not comprehensive but it covers the major categories of tasks that we will decline if they are requested. We also reserve the right to use our discretion to decline any task or project, even if it’s not listed here.

  • Illegal or Dangerous - we won’t take on any tasks which we deem to be illegal or potentially illegal, such as copyright infringement, digital piracy, pyramid schemes, misrepresentation, counterfeiting, discrimination, harassment or bullying, or projects that could entail physical danger to persons or animals or property.

  • Medical Advice - we can help you research and find good medical providers and care, but we won’t provide any medical related advice.

  • Financial or Legal Advice - we can help you research and find good financial and legal advisors, but we are not a fiduciary and won’t provide any financial or legal advice directly.

  • Highly Sensitive Personal Data - we may choose to decline tasks that entail accessing volumes of highly sensitive personal information about you or others. For example, we will not access an online site or portal that contains all of your personal health information.

  • Business and School Related - we can help you find lots of good resources, professionals, and ideas related to your business or your studies, but we cannot do your work or school work for you.

  • Highly Complex - we cannot directly do or manage large, highly complex projects like wedding planning, home renovation, writing a novel.

  • Time Intensive - we’re willing to put in some work of course, but tasks should generally be scoped to have an agreed-upon outcome or reasonable end date. If a task is determined to require too long a timeline or have recurring elements, you’ll need to break it down into smaller, manageable projects for us.

  • Adult or Explicit Content - we can’t assist with tasks that entail adult content, nudity pornography, or other explicit material or content.