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Everyone deserves a personal assistant

From balance-focused Gen Z to stretched-thin millennial parents, we help handle personal to-do lists, creating more time and space for what matters most. 

How Yohana Works

Members hand off personal tasks to our team of specialists and track progress on our app. Our specialists are real people who get to know employees, their families and their needs.

An innovative benefit for the modern workforce

Thrive at home, thrive at work

Yohana can create 8 hours of incremental time per month by helping employees offload endless and conflicting responsibilities. 

Hire a dog walker

Weekly menu planning

Search vacation flights

Find backup childcare

Hire a handyman

Book appointments

Plan a birthday party

Find a wellness coach

What employers get

  • Flexible pricing models for all budgets

  • Co-branded employee signup page

  • Reporting on engagement

  • How-to webinars

  • Marketing and signup support materials

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Meet our founder & CEO

Yohana is a part of PanasonicWELL ecosystem, created by Yoky Matsuoka, a former VP at Google, CTO at Nest, and senior executive at Apple and HP. 

“My mission is to build technology and solutions that empower people to be the best versions of themselves.”


This is the hero you have been waiting for… The benefit of having a competent human in your corner, eating the elephant of life with you makes this service infinitely valuable!”


Love that someone else can do the bulk work that comes with research of vendors and things.”

-Jen The dazzler

Yohana’s quickly become a necessary part of the support team I need to get my never-ending to-do list done.”

-Elisha Beach

My assistant does her job well and keeps me on my toes…this service is really something I have been needing to get things done in my house and beyond.”


Very prompt, excellent assistance that has given me some time back to focus on other things! 😀”

-Tina S.

What employees get

  • Personalized help from real people

  • Help with unlimited to-dos

  • More time, peace of mind, and balance


Let’s help your teams thrive

Yohana supports workplaces of all sizes—reach out to our sales team for more information.

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