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Burnout is a big problem

Between work, family, friends, and a million other obligations, people today have a lot on their plate. The pandemic has only made things worse, and workers are feeling the effects of burnout more than ever. According to one survey, here’s what respondents reported:

  • 55%

    haven’t been able to balance home and work life.

  • 85%

    felt that their well-being had declined.

  • 89%

    said their work life was getting worse.*

*Results are based on an article published by Fast Company and written by Jennifer Moss: “To fight burnout, workers can’t allow well-being to feel like another to-do”

Help your employees thrive

With Yohana, employees can access a Yohana Specialist who actually takes things off their plate. And when there’s less to worry about, employees can feel more focused, balanced, and engaged.

Bolster your benefits package

  • “I finally have some headspace from all the to-dos thanks to my specialist.”


*These parents were compensated for taking the time to share their stories with us.

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