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What makes Yohana different

Yohana is a membership-based service that helps busy families get things done. When a Yohana member has a project or request, they ask their Yohana Specialist for a recommendation. The specialist checks out matching vendors in the Yohana network, and refers your business to the member.

A new kind of network

  • Direct customer referrals

    Our members trust Yohana Specialists to recommend top local pros and businesses that meet their needs. Which means you get word-of-mouth referrals to great customers for a fair price.

  • Your go-to person

    Yohana Specialists are your partner, too. They work with members to initially scope project requests, so you don’t have to spend extra time expectation-setting with customers.

  • Only the best

    The Yohana network only accepts vendors who consistently deliver exceptional service. These businesses take pride in what they do and have the reviews to prove it.

Who we work with

We’re building a network of top-rated vendors in spaces such as (but not limited to):

We’re in it together

We’ll connect you with Yohana members and in return, we count on you to provide them with excellent service.

  • Responsive communication

    You reply to Yohana requests promptly and consistently.

  • Fair customer pricing

    You charge customers fairly and your rates are competitive.

  • Above and beyond

    You go out of your way to exceed expectations, just like we do.


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